Friday, April 30, 2010

Jenna's birthday surprise

While Jenna was off playing with her friends for her birthday, we set up her new bedroom - her birthday surprise.
After: New light from IKEA (with extra beading added from her old light figure). I love clearance centers and Craig's List! I made the duvet cover from her old curtains that are on the window and hanging on the bed. I made the extra pillow covers from more of the same curtain fabric ... JcPenney's was clearing out that curtain - after having it always in stock for the past 5 years! I got lucky!

Oh, and she loves it!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

She had a birthday ... shout Hooray!

Jenna is now 15 (several weeks ago)! Where did the time go? She had a fun celebration. She spent it with her girl friends. All day. We saw her for 5 minutes when she stopped in to grab something. We ended up having her cake for Family Home Evening.

A cake ... fitting for a swimmer! Blue jello for the water with extra non-flavored gelatin to really stiffen it up. Kendall claims to be the blonde baby in the water. He points out that there are "bubbles" around him in the water and then giggles.Cute shot of these two!I love how Kendall looks on!

Here is the famous birthday song from Gma and Gpa! They called on Jenna's birthday and she was out with friends ALL DAY. She finally got her song 2 days later - it is fun to hear their conversation regarding this delay in singing their popular song to her.

We are blessed to have Jenna in our family!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Homework! YES!

This time it is Kendall. He hears me ask the kids about their homework and hears me remind a few to do their homework.

A couple of weeks ago Kendall told me he wanted "homework".

I gave him a piece of paper and a pen. I asked him to write his alphabet. With no help!

Not bad for a 3 year old!

We have been working on hearing the sounds in words. He has been sounding out simple 3 letter words. Way to go Kendall!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I asked Kerst to get his homework. A few moments pass by and I had to grab my camera. He sure knows how to listen (and obey) ... and love his guilty giggle ...

His backpack was by the front door. The piano is by the front door too. He just couldn't control himself.

These are the pieces he is preparing for his first piano recital in May. He just got these pieces on Friday!

Monday, April 26, 2010

After Prom Celebration

Each year I am amazed at what the parents do to decorate and entertain the students after prom. A fundraiser (raffle and fashion show) is held early in the year to raise money for after prom.

They have a community open house - a sneak peak - of what the kids are able to do during after prom. Let me take you through a tour of this amazing event!

You drive up to the event and reach this sign. I always crack up whenever I drive into Colorado and reach the State sign. Not colorful at all!Walking up to the event ...
Entryway ...

Registration desk ....

Where to find everything
Each year a slide is built. The kids slide down the stairs of the school. It is a hit. All of the "sites" at after prom are Colorado "hot spots"

Prize redemption area - decorated to look just like one of our malls!

A tattoo parlor ...

Fun water activities

And the food .... YUM! All you can eat ... for free!

Chick-fil-a ... pretzels, pizza ... etc.
The Senior Wall. Parents are asked to make a photo collage of their Senior Student. It is used to decorate the "Senior Hallway" at after prom. This year it is a mine. The photo collages are attached to gold nuggets. Friends and family can take chalk and write messages to the Seniors on the butcher paper that lines the wall.

And the detail!!!
Fun and Games ... Elitch Gardens!

Bungee Jumping!

The wedding chapel - they have one each year. There are a bunch of dress-up clothes that the students can use to dress up and then go get married - or "hitched" for this theme!
The wedding chapel at Lookout Mountain
And the wedding certificate "with absolutely no authority from the State of Colorado" - Hitched by Buffalo Bill (in costume!). They had rings and certificates for the students. There was even a table of cupcakes for the "wedding cake photo op".

The Saloon - for fun and games. Win tickets to get prizes from the mall.
And a jail.
Wanted posters - of the faculty and staff! It had really funny descriptions.

The movie theater.
They even decorated the bathrooms - inside and out!
Red Rocks - they had a fun competition going on in here.
A massage parlor with 10 licensed massage therapists!
The famous four corners
And the prizes that the Seniors could win ... an Ipad was one of the items. These were all generously donated!
What a fun time for the students!
I can't wait to see what theme they do next year. 2 years ago it was a cruise line. Last year it was Vegas.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Enchords Final Concert for 2009-2010 school year

Julia's group that she conducts sang at their last concert tonight.

Julia's choir director did a really sweet introduction for the group Enchords. She said that Wednesday mornings are her favorite. She comes to school and listens to Julia and her group prepare musical numbers to sing at concerts.

I'll Paint You A Rainbow (Several people came up to me after the concert and told me that they cried during this number - I was teary eyed myself and grateful I have another year to enjoy her leading this group). Thanks for painting so many beautiful musical memories this year for me! (Julia is in the middle)

Goodbye (Boyz II Men) Lullabye (Billy Joel) Medley. Julia's group she sang in while living in IL had this as their final number to sing and dedicated it to the Seniors. Julia only had the sheet music to Lullabye for the group to use. For Goodbye, she had a recording that was done by her original group which they used to arrange their own version with some of their own touches. These girls are TALENTED!

New Favorite

Yesterday he greeted me with "I want to go to Kyle's house."

He had just spent a fun evening with Kyle and his family the night before. I think he has a new favorite!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Prom Photos - prom #2

Prom ... AGAIN! Julia's prom was Saturday. We went to a friend's house that has some great photo opportunities for some couple pictures before heading to another home for group shots.

We only had a few minutes (again) and managed to get some really great pictures!!!

The model poses.

And a pinch ... to grow an inch.

I love this one!

Miss Julia!

Typical ;o)

Fun fun fun!
Julia (staying warm with her coat on backwards) and Blakelee!
The pink limo!


The group

She did it!

Another group shot - the entire group.
I added sleeves and a back ...