Friday, April 25, 2008

He FINALLY said it!!!!

Kendall FINALLY said Mom on Wednesday!!!! I couldn't believe my ears! He has called me dada forever. When you ask him to point to dada, he points to John. When you ask him to point to mama, he points to me.

He doesn't say mama....he says Mom. I look forward to hearing him call for me...let's see if it sticks!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Christmas in CO

Yep. Christmas in CO. I unpacked 20+ boxes of Christmas on Saturday and threatened to set it up (hey, we had snow on Tuesday so WHY NOT?!?)

Unfortunately the movers broke my FAVORITE tree...the one we bought when Julia was a baby. They don't make trees like that anymore. It has a real trunk and nice gaps in between the boughs so I can really load it up with ornaments. That is the tree I use to hang my wood ornaments. We might try to resurrect it for one more year...the on the hunt for a deal for a new one.

Friday, April 4, 2008

John's deals...John's busy

John came across a floor model clearance at a store for appliances!

We are doing a built in 48" stainless steel fridge (flush with the counter) and a stainless steel double oven. He's good at finding those deals...

Now to finish up the kitchen design...

So much to do...John is trying to finish Julia's trim in her room (built in bookcases too) and install the closet door before the carpet arrives on Monday. Yahoo! Her room will finally be done and she will get to move in rather than live among the boxes in the basement.

So far the book cases are looking nice. John has to make sure they are level and square (those tools will be your best friend). John didn't do the framing of the room and some nooks and crannies aren't as square as he would have made them if he did it himself (he is very picky and would still be working on framing the room rather than it being ready for carpet like it is now!). You don't notice the imperfections until you are trying to do something exact like built in bookcases. I guess that is why they make shims and trim.