Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wasting Time

Kendall is learning greater than < and less than > in math.  While doing his homework/review he told me he didn't really understand so I drew teeth on the symbol and added an aligator body.

He laughed and proceeded to the next problem.

I glanced over and saw him drawing teeth and a body on the symbol for the next problem.

I told him not to waste his time at school drawing the teeth and aligators/dinosaurs/sharks.

"I won't.  I'll just waste my time at home."

He makes me laugh!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Smell Me

I love this age ... 6 .... when he says the cutest things.

This morning during his shower Kendall informed me that the new soap smelled wonderful.

"Try it Mom. Smell me."  He shoves his arm in my face.

Oh, he so darn cute!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shoveling Boys

The young men at our church are asked to shovel on Sundays. Kerst is now old enough to be a part of that group. John took Kerst and Kendall (our 6 year old - he really is a huge help) to shovel early this morning. John just called to tell me that church has been cancelled due to the snowy conditions that do not appear to be letting up. He also told me that he will not tell the boys until they are done shoveling. 

I think we've got this parenting thing down (for today).

Sunday, February 17, 2013

He survived!

I survived!

He survived!

Kerst's first boy scout camp out and .... I .....   ummmm ...  he survived!

It wasn't an easy camp out either.  Snow camping.  No tents.  Just snow caves.  They camped near Estes Park .... 11,000+  ft in elevation.

To put my mind at ease, my sweet hubby attended with him.

It was in the single digits at night (below zero with the wind factor).

John helped Kerst dig his snow cave.  It was an all day affair.  Digging and digging and more digging.  The boys in the troop played in the snow afterwards.  John said Kerst and his friend, Ian, were about ready to fall asleep by the camp fire at 7:00 that night.

Kerst came back all smiles and very rosy cheeks.  I thought at first he was sick.  Then I thought he was still cold.  Nope.  Sunburn!  He didn't find the sun lotion I put in his 10 essentials bag.

Phew ... one down ... many more to go!

The camp site.  You can't see the snow caves - this is the warming tent.

Kerst's snow cave.  His patrol caves were the only ones that didn't cave in.  The other patrol had to sleep under a tarp.

The key was to make the snow cave just large enough for one person

John and his snow cave

Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter Formal

A tad bit behind in posting - a lot of stuff ...

Jenna asked Logan U. to Winter Formal (Sadie Hawkins dance)

Jaley helped .... she has beautiful handwriting.

They went to Logan's school - they go to different schools - and found his car.

Somewhere along the road of becoming friends, Jenna would text Logan "Woof".  He would reply, "Meow".

 Logan replied on facebook ... "Umm yes :)"

And here she is with a part of the group ...

Logan U., Jenna, Kirsten O., Kaden B.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Perfect for Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

All by himself

Kendall dressed himself on Sunday - all by himself.

It reminds me of Kerst back in June 2006

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Special Day - #12

Today was a special day for Kerst.  He turned 12 and was ordained a Deacon by his Dad.

The day started out with his birthday breakfast request:  Belgium Waffles.  Not the American version.  The REAL Belgium Waffles.  John ALWAYS talked of how amazing these waffles were.  I didn't understand or believe him until we took a trip as a family to Germany and then headed to Holland and Belgium to tour his old mission romping grounds back in 2004.  American Belgium Waffles are OK.  The REAL ones are AMAZING.

John and Kerst have been researching Belgium Waffles and came across a recipe they wanted to try.  John ordered the pearl sugar.  We received it in the mail a week ago.  John started the waffle dough (yes, dough, not batter) yesterday.  It was a 16 hour process, but well worth it!

Notice the clumps of sugar - pearl sugar
We then headed to church (Stake Conference).  Afterwards, Kerst was ordained a Deacon.  His Uncle Aaron W and Uncle Rod V were able to attend as well as our home teacher, Russell S.  The Bishop, Young Men's President, Ray O., Jenna's swim coach and Julia's new father-in-law and our dear friend, Jerry B., Kerst's 11 year old scout leader, Ken B. and new scout leader, Javin H. were all able to stand in the circle.

It was a special day.

Joe B (Deacon Advisor), Javin H (Scout Master), Jerry B (close family friend), Rod V (uncle), Russell S (home teacher), Proud Dad, Ray O (Young Men's President and previous 11 year old scout leader), Mike D (1st Counselor in Bishopric), Aaron W (uncle), Ken B (new 11 year old scout leader - previous YM President), Bishop T.  Kerst front and center.

We celebrated with his Aunt Sarah W, Uncle Aaron W and cousins Kimball, Simon, Eleanor and Kristin.  Strawberry Pie!!!
Kerst made his own pie ... and then counted out and lit his own candles. 

Singing Happy Birthday
Big Breath ....

(He practiced a couple of times)  Now for the real deal .... all in one breath

Almost there .... 12 is a lot!

I love how Kendall wants to help  .... almost out of breath and he puffs out his final bit of air in his lungs.
No luck.  The last one was still lit.

Suddenly the candle went out ....  Who blew it out?!?! ...  Good Guess .... but you are wrong!

Way across the table - Jenna managed to blow it out.  I LOVE Kerst's reaction!
He received camping equipment for his birthday - he is camping in the snow on Friday!  Perfect timing!

He also received his annual birthday song phone call from Ticklebug Gma and Gpa P. aka - Buddy Club Grandpa.  When I told him he had a phone call, he knew right away who it was and put the call on speaker so we could enjoy the singing and conversation.

It was a GREAT day!  Kerst was SO super excited to turn 12 and become a Deacon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'll do it

Kendall was in charge of conducting Family Home Evening this past Monday.

When it was time to have someone say the closing prayer, Kendall informed us that whoever was the quietest would say the prayer.

Immediately Jenna, Jaley and Kerst started yelling - John and I joined in.

Kendall changed the plan.  Whoever was the loudest would say the prayer.

Everyone was immediately quiet.

After several quiet seconds you hear "AAAAAAAhhhhhhh - I'll say it!" followed by a ton of giggles.

Thanks Kerst!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Proof he's feeling better

Kerst was pretty sick Saturday, Sunday and Monday. He did a lot of sleeping. 

He must have finally started feeling better because he was dressed and ready to go out to the school bus stop - coat, backpack and all. 11:40 last night. 

He was a little confused with the time - he heads to the bus stop when it is dark. 

I'm glad he always comes to find me for a hug (and kiss) before heading out. I was able to point him in the right direction and sent him back to bed. 

Tender Mercies ... I love that boy!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Are you challenging me?

My kids love to quote movies.  In fact, Kendall has just started. 

Our recent favorite family repeat watch movie is Scooby Doo.

At the dinner table the other night, Jenna burped.  Loud.  (I know, I have to admit all of my girls are pretty good burpers).

Kendall said, "Are you challenging me?   Buuuuurp."

Challenge accepted.  We had a good laugh.

Thankfully they didn't recreate the entire scene from Scooby Doo.